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Minnesota CDL General Knowledge Test Prep Program

Pass your 2022 MN General Knowledge CDL tests. Q&As + Audio + Video + Downloable + Printable + much more.

MN CDL General Knowledge Test Prep Program
CDL Practice Test Prep Program
MN CDL General Knowledge Test Prep Program

If you are not a resident of MINNESOTA please
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Minnesota CDL Test Selector Tool

Do you already know what you need? You may choose individual Modules or Bundles. If your individual selections cost more than $39.95 - you will automatically be put into the SUPER BUNDLE . . . it includes EVERYTHING! If you need help choosing the right product for your needs, use the free Selector Tool. You NEVER have to pay more than $39.95.

CDL Test Selector Tool
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Minnesota CDL Test Selector Tool
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Not sure which MN CDL Tests you need to pass? Use this tool to determine what Class of CDL and which CDL Endorsements you require.
Available CDL Modules
MN General Knowledge Test $17.95
MN Passenger Vehicles Endorsement $7.95
MN Air Brakes Test $11.95
MN Combination Vehicles Endorsement $9.95
MN Doubles and Triples Endorsement $7.95
MN Tank Vehicles Endorsement $7.95
MN Hazardous Materials Endorsement $14.95
MN School Bus Endorsement $7.95
MN Three-Part Skills Tests $5.95
MN Narrated Audio CDL Study Guide $4.95
Available CDL Bundles extra savings
MN SUPER Bundle (Includes Everything!) $39.95
MN Class A CDL Bundle $29.95
MN Class B CDL Bundle $24.95
MN Class C CDL Passenger Bus Bundle $21.95
MN Class C CDL School Bus Bundle $25.95
MN Class C CDL HazMat Bundle $25.95
MN Class C CDL Tank Vehicles Bundle $21.95
MN CDL Hazmat + Tank Combo Bundle $17.95
MN CDL School Bus Combo Bundle $15.95
Minnesota General Knowledge CDL Test
Minnesota General Knowledge CDL Test
COMPLETE CDL Test Prep Module - Prepares you to pass your actual Minnesota CDL General Knowledge Written Test.
Includes ALL of the following features . . .

$17 95

Minnesota General Knowledge CDL Written Test
The Minnesota CDL General Knowledge written exam is required by ALL Minnesota CDL applicants, regardless of which Class of CDL you need and regardless of which (if any) endorsements you need.

Check the official Minnesota CDL Information website for details.
Typical number of questions on the actual Minnesota CDL General Knowledge Test: 50 Questions
The Minnesota CDL General Knowledge written test study material is included in Sections 1, 2, and 3 of the free Minnesota CDL Handbook (Minnesota Commercial Driver's License Manual).
The Minnesota CDL General Knowledge written test cover . . .
Complete information on the Minnesota CDL General Knowledge Test . . .
For a complete description and details go to Minnesota CDL General Knowledge Written Test.
We Offer the VERY BEST CDL Test Prep Programs . . .
We are the leader in CDL Test Preparation, offering more study options available anywhere! Students respond differently to study material presented in different formats. We present the study material in many different ways for optimal learning.
Preparing for Minnesota CDL Tests - Taking Minnesota CDL Tests . . .
Our products help to prepare you to be able to pass the required Minnesota CDL Tests. The actual MinnesotaCDL written tests must be taken in-person and with proper identification, at the Minnesota state office under the authority and audit of Minnesotagovernment personnel. Our CDL training program is totally online and does not include any training in an actual vehicle. After receiving your Minnesota CLP (commercial license permit), you will likely need to get some behind-the-wheel experience to be able to pass the three-part Minnesota CDL skills tests. You may choose to get this experience through a friend, relative, employer or truck driving school. The actual MinnesotaCDL three-part skills tests will be given by either a Minnesotastate examiner or by a atate approved independant examiner. Depending upon the location; the CDL test vehicle will be provided by the examiner, or will be the responsibility of the applicant (a qualified CDL holder must be in the vehicle until your CDL is issued).
Minnesota CDL Fees and Associated Costs . . .
The entire amount paid to us is strictly for the MinnesotaCDL Test Prep Program materials purchased on this website. YOU are responsible for additional Minnesota CDL fees as established under MinnesotaState and/or Federal law and rules, third party testers, medical examiners, finger printing, background checks, truck rental fees, etc., as may be applicable.
* as described in Terms of Service
Free CDL Practice Test "Just what I needed. Prepared me for my Class B CDL. It was fast and efficient. I passed my CDL written tests on my first try. Helped me get a handle on the skills tests so that it went much easier." - A.H., Des Moines, IA
Free CDL Practice Test "I needed to get my CDL permit before starting my skills training the following week. I started using it two minutes after my purchase. Got my CDL permit with time to spare. I highly recommend it." - P.M., Rochester, NY
Free CDL Practice Test "Your CDL program was CHEAP compared to what it includes. I passed all my CDL tests the first time. I'm sending my friends your way. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - M.K., Jacksonville, FL
Free CDL Practice Test "Exactly what I needed. I liked to have all of the study options. The CDL handbook bored me to death. Passed my tests on the FIRST try. I just started driving a school bus last week." - R.N., Virginia Beach, VA
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